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     Strength was built in the company2003Years,Located in anhui ningguo city,Ningguo city is located in the southeast of anhui province,The mountains in the south of anhui its northeast,The east of zhejiang province,Huangshan mountain is in the west,Connect the anhui and zhejiang provinces seven counties and cities,From Shanghai、Ning、Hangzhou three cities170-300Kilometers(3Hour economy circle),Is the throat of the mountains in the south of anhui,Thorough fares of north-south travel route。

     Company is a production and sales of automobile aluminum die casting parts、Aluminum parts、Stamping-Welding parts、Machining parts、Surface treatment of professional-oriented enterprises。

     After a capable colleague after years of unremitting efforts,For the Po's rubber、AUTOLIV、ZFSS、BWI、Noble rubber、Sumitomo institute of technology、Rio tinto、Haida、Kay、The force leading industry companies such as supporting the production of various metal products,There are some parts have been exported to India、In North America、Japan、In Indonesia、Central Europe and other places。

     The company has the world's advanced level of production and testing equipment,According to theTS16949:2009Established a complete quality management system,Into the factory from raw material procurement to product delivery has rigorous operating rules and perfect service system。Companies in the fierce market competition。

     “With high quality products,Satisfactory services,Strive for zero defect to meet customer requirements”Is capable people eternal pursuit。


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