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                The win international platform was established2004Years, Is specialized in the earlier engaged in jiangxi provinceUPSUninterruptible power supply hole squat yun shan、 Computer room air conditioning squatted yun shan hole、 One room Body The hole squat yun shan、 Maintenance-free lead-acid battery and other equipment sales squatted yun shan hole、 Maintenance and service as one of the AD Industry company, The core of the company sales and technical team...

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                All rights reserved yihejin.cnWin the international platform  Address:Nanchang in the gan river valley of red beach avenue1218The new center1901Room

                The phone:0791-86297515 86297671 83887686 83887687(Mr Liu Mr. Li)    

                Fax:0791-86297515-888  E-mail: ajye6526@vip.sina.com  ICPFor the record:JiangxiICPTo prepare10200860Number-1  Technical support:Jiang Xihua bond.JPG