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High altitude core technologyHigh altitude is engaged in(At home.Abroad)240M the following various(Brick、Cement、Concrete、The steel structure)A new sliding mode of the chimney、Corrosion protection、Maintenance and repair、Demolition and other projects,Has many years of successful experience...For details
12The unique propertiesJiangsu century altitude engineering co., LTD. Was established80S,The registered capital5108Ten thousand yuan,Has the overall contracting qualification,The work high above the project specialized contracting qualification,Waterproof anti-corrosion insulation engineering contracting...For details
The service is supreme Lifetime warrantyAlways follow“Good faith for this,The owner is supreme,Build high-quality goods project,Monument tree age”Our tenet,Leadership always adhere to a high starting point、High standards、Weiwei,Use of advanced technology and high-tech materials,To the quality strives for credibility...For details

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Art is derived from high technology Building care in one hundred
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“Jiangsu century altitude engineering co., LTD(Art is the original company of jiangsu province high building repair anti-corrosion co., LTD) ”Is engaged in(At home.Abroad)240M the following various(Brick、Cement、Concrete、The steel structure)A new sliding mode of the chimney、Corrosion protection、Maintenance and repair、Pulled down、The carton、The desulfurization、Beautification、Mounts、Tilt correction、Replace the lining、Install the platform、Install the lightning rod、Cylinder repository libraries and other projects;And to undertake steel structure、The water tower、The cooling tower、Cooling tower、Prilling tower、Boiler steel frame、Steel roof truss、The pipe、Driving、Storage tank、Substation architecture、Factory network frame、The new gantry crane, etc、Corrosion protection、Maintenance and repair、Beautify the aerial work series such as engineering。Are all made of construction“Without scaffold、Don't shut down the construction、A work suspension”Such advanced technology。After 20 years of hard work,Has now developed into a complete leadership、Strong technical force、Construction team、Enterprise resource rich modern high-altitude environmental protection professional team,Hold all staff《Special industry technical operation certificate of the People's Republic of China》Mount guard。

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New chimney will directly affect the quality of cigarettes…
A chimney will directly affect the quality of new anticorrosive engineering difficulty
Chimney after building construction quality is good and bad will directly affect the service life of chimney,So the quality is very important at the beginning of the new chimney,The company in shandong province is encountered…
For details 》
Chimney new all engineering in the yan…
Chimney new all engineering in the cold snow weather to stop the construction
Chimney new construction in consecutive days in the heavy snow stopped construction,Many sites are basically the piled up snow let the workers can't normal work…
For details 》
Now with new construction steel chimney、Thermal process…
Now with new construction steel chimney、Thermal process table and the division of control engineering
New construction steel chimney with steel chimney new construction,Thermal instrumentation and control engineering,Boiler installation,Welding engineering and processing preparation engineering and so on…
For details 》
Draw a chimney new construction area,And set up…
Draw a chimney new construction area,And setting up off-limits
The chimney new construction scheme 1.1、The ladder retainer removed before,First with a bamboo poleSHook pulley(Load1.5Tons),¢18White heald rope connected,On the above work…
For details 》
New chimney has more to the surrounding environment…
New chimney has much impact on the surrounding environment?
Today's society, many environmental pollution would be held down by the government and the state environmental protection department of the production,Because humans have only one earth,New in the chimney…
For details 》
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The construction of the new concrete chimney and cooling tower should be populated from residents
The construction of the new concrete chimney and cooling should be populated from residents or upscale neighborhood,Figure the construction of the new concrete chimney and cooling tower near the neighborhood special,This will greatly affect the community residents living environment,The thick…
The chimney new construction site civilization construction standards
1.The chimney new construction site fences(1)Chimney, head of the new construction site fences must have a technical project design in detail the construction and design show closed,Upon examination and approval by the project manager,The male side for approval rear can construction wall approach to meet the requirements of the companies at the same time,I will…
Brick chimney structures, built-in operation platform need to be aware of new places
The new brick chimneys Interpolation:To chooseφ73Andφ60All of the steel pipe8The root,Slightly smaller than inner diameter tube body length,Small steel tube set in the big steel pipe,Composed of four groups of scalable interpolation,Insert stem must be can restrict the expansion of positioning screw。Like this…
The chimney in the process of the new reinforced engineering and technical clarificaiton what content?
Chimney new reinforced technical disclosure content A、Construction preparation 1.Remove the rust on the surface of the steel、The oil and FuPi。 2.Review the amount of reinforcement、Specifications、The model and the factory certificate,φ12Above the bar will be cold bending and tensile test。 3.Should wang before ingredients…
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